PLANNING YOUR OUTFITS — When you’re planning your wardrobe for senior portraits we have a few tips to make you look your best. Ultimately, we want you to look like you, so take these tips and apply your own personal spin and style! For each session we have a number of changes we think we can fit in, but it really depends on how well certain outfits go with the scenes, how quickly you change, etc. Bring more outfits than you think we’ll need. This way we can help choose what will work best in certain spots. Be sure to let us know which outfits are the must dos!

THINK IN COMPLETE OUTFITS — Don’t just pick out a few shirts to bring. Plan complete looks. Shoes don’t always matter because they won’t always show, but do remember layers and accessories.

LAYERS & ACCESSORIES — Hats, scarves, ties, sunglasses, belts, headbands, jewelry, purses… pretty much anything you can think of will help create a more complete-looking outfit. Also, layers work great for photos! Next time you’re at your favorite store notice the photos of the models. Usually, they’re wearing lots of layers, no matter what the season. Sometimes the layers and accessories wouldn’t even make sense for real-life, everyday wear, but it looks great in the photo. It will on you too!

CHANGE IT UP — When planning your outfits, try to make them drastically different from one another in type, style, shape, color, etc. This will help you get the most variety for your images. Also, try to create and bring one wow outfit–something that makes you feel like your ready for a magazine shoot. After all, we are going to treat your session like it’s for the cover shot.

BRAND NAMES — We all love our favorite brands, but a big logo on your shirt doesn’t work so well for senior portraits. Instead, create an outfit that captures the style of the brand. You’ll look like you’re straight out of their catalog! Look to ads, catalogs, and store displays for ideas. A lot of online stores have lookbooks of complete outfits. Usually, if you find a stylish employee of the store and tell them you’re shopping for your senior pics, they’ll hook you up!

SHOPPING SPREE— Sorry seniors! You probably don’t want us saying this in front of your parents, but not everything you bring has to be brand new. Mix and match old and new to find the pieces that help create the look you’re going for with each outfit.