We have two studio-only sessions available for the class of 2020. our studio is 10,000 sq. ft. of awesomeness — Definitely not your typical portrait studio. We’re launching a new web site this year that will have a studio tour posted. The Downstairs shooting area has somewhat of an industrial / warehouse type feel to it, while the upstairs is likely going to remind you of a studio apartment in the city. With a variety of scenes, furniture and other props, we can really change things up from one session to the next.

Outdoor sessions are great when you want to keep it simple, but would prefer to be out and about for your shoot. With the Outdoor You Pick, we can travel to the location of your choice (mileage fees more than 10 miles from the studio). If you have a family farm or a particular spot by your house that is special to you, the Outdoor You Pick is the way to go. However, if you're not overly particular about exactly where, but you just know you want them taken outside, you may opt to go with the Outdoor Local. With that option, we'll keep it close between Gassaway, Sutton and Flatwoods and find locations that complement your outfits the best.

Year in and year out, the SPLIT SESSION is always the most popular option for getting some good variety in your senior portraits. This session is typically done on one day and you can expect to be photographed in about 8 outfits. Keep in mind that your time doesn’t necessarily need to be split 50/50 between outdoor and in-studio. If you want to do most of your outfits outside, we can do that and then leave just a couple for the studio. Totally up to you. Plan on seeing at least 75 images that you’ll be choosing from at your ordering appointment. While the SPLIT SESSION is typically shot in a single day, there is an option to break it in to two days for a $75 fee. Seniors sometimes do this for a variety in hair styles or because they want a specific place for outdoor shots.
The ‘SPLIT PLUS’ sessions consist of a split session on one day PLUS an additional outdoor shoot on another. Makes sense as to why I called it the Split Plus, right? Just as you do on the SPLIT session, you’ll have the option to separate the SPLIT portion of this option in to two days as well, which would have us shooting on 3 separate days. Expect to get around 12 looks in with this option. This is great not only for fashionistas who can’t decide which outfits to narrow it down to because they love them all... but it’s also a great option for the multi-sport athlete because you have the ability to use one of those sessions strictly for sports stuff. That way there’s no need to worry about the effects of things like helmet hair or eye black and that sort of thing while we’re working on your casual outfits. Having said all of that, most people choose to schedule the first session of their SPLIT PLUS as early as June in the summer heading in to senior year to get that lush, green, summer look. Then they’ll follow up with an outdoor shoot in the fall. At times, winter shoots are requested, but keep in mind, we can’t schedule snow on demand. And waiting until it gets pretty again in the spring presents it’s own set of problems because seniors are busy with prom, graduation prep and FAFSA headaches... and most of my time is spent at my computer cranking out orders. So summer and fall are best.

Has camera. Will travel. That’s right, let's go on a road trip. One sure way to get some of the most unique senior portraits is to do something over the top. Our Destination sessions are geared toward just that. With this option, there is no session fee. We waive that in lieu of compensation for travel expenses and a minimum order of collection 1. If you’re interested in a destination session, contact us ASAP and we’ll come up with a game plan and start scouting locations. WE RECOMMEND having your friends schedule their sessions at the same destination so you can split the travel expense fee and have that much more fun.